Massage with hot stones

It is increasingly common to find unusual practices in the massage area, but today our post will be directed to one of the most famous of them, with you massage with hot stones

Unlike other conventional techniques found throughout the planet, the therapy of hot stones seeks a total and profound relaxation of the practitioner and not only partial as the vast majority of others.

What kind of stone can be used in this massage?

The stones used in this treatment are volcanic and sedimentary because of their greater energy inheritance and their size may vary according to the area in which it will be applied.

How does your application work?

The stones are placed in the muscles to transmit the inherited energy to the patient’s body.

What are your main benefits?

Besides the relaxation that can bring to the human body, the stones are also capable of eliminating toxins from the organism and assisting in the fight of diseases such as obesity and anxiety.

Practitioners ‘ Opinion:

Lovers of massotherapy in general, ensure that the method is able to bring relief to bodily aches instantly without causing any health risk.

Time Duration:

The massage lasts on average 1 hours and should be made according to the patient’s need.

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