Do you believe in the invisible energy existing in our universe?

Have you ever stopped to think that the more we think and mentalize something is good or bad, it ends up happening?

And believe me, every fact that happens in our lives leaves marks and energy residues.

Now imagine a map, when we look at it we are able to see rivers, lakes and mountains of different formats is not true?

The human body is no different from this map, the cells of our organism are responsible for its creation and store important information of our life as experiences lived, difficulties and traumas.

Each experience can leave a mark that can be positive or negative on our map.

Bad experiences can negatively influence the functioning of our organism and let our cells lose their vitality.

But after all, how can we seek the necessary balance to live without the influence of negative energies?

  • Mentalizing Good Things
  • Wishing good to all who surround you
  • Practicing Yoga, Shiatsu and other relaxation techniques
  • Stay away from illnesses like anxiety and depression

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